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Military Strategy As Model For Marketing Strategy

There’s not much more than fifty years of marketing literature. “Marketing” is relatively new discipline that came up with the rise of mass-media.

The earliest dated book in the “Marketing” that I could find is by a traveling circus showman and a newspaper editor: P.T. Barnum. He was a pioneer in the early publishing industry. But besides Barnum’s book, The Life of P. T. Barnum, Written by Himself, there’s no literature on marketing until the rise of mass-media (radio, TV, etc.).

However, it would be foolish to think that there was no “marketing” prior to our modern age. The marketing battles for the mind have been fought for ages. In the past, armies carried standards and banners. It was a great triumph to be able to capture the enemy’s flag and hoist your own. Nothing has really changed today, but the technology and medium that we deliver our messages on. The nature of the battlefield is different, but the strategic elements, nonetheless, remain the same.

War is an excellent analogy for marketing and entrepreneurship. Men have been competing since the beginning of time and war has an extensive documented history. Much of the language in business derives from military thinking. Phrases such as “choosing targets” and “launching campaigns” originate from military lexicon.

The worlds of business and marketing are much more intertwined with military and war than most would think. For example, the growth of Silicon Valley and the tech-entrepreneurship industry stems from the United States naval and air force bases setup in the Bay area’s Pacific coast early 20th century. The military invested massive amounts of money into Stanford University research programs. Technology firms were to serve the Navy, developing technologies such radio and aeronautics. Radar was perfected during the aerial bombardment campaign against Germany during World War 2. The paranoia about the rise of the Soviet Union led the US Department of Defense to fund research that created the internet. Understanding the military origin’s of today technologies gives us fundamental context to approaching digital marketing strategy.

[To be continued.]

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